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Empower Customers To Buy Where, When and How They Choose

Apttus E-Commerce ensures a seamless experience across all sales touch points by connecting the dots between online self-service buying and assisted direct and channel sales. Ensure product, pricing, and promotional information is always consistent, secure, and up-to-date.

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What if you could transform your sales channels to sell more, faster — no matter how complex your business becomes? Make every sales rep, selling partner and even your website, perform like your best-selling sales rep.


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Learn how Apttus solutions provide sales teams with everything they need to close a deal. See what it takes to improve customer relationship management by making all sales components easily available.

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Why is mastering E-Commerce critical to success?

98 percent of B2B enterprises face significant challenges delivering a high-quality buying experience across all sales touchpoints. With Apttus E-Commerce, your customers, partners and sales reps can place orders – or request and present quotes – through a single digital commerce platform, providing a unified and modern buying and selling experience.

What is your business challenge?

Business Challenge

Fragmented systems and data prohibit a high-quality online shopping experience

Apttus Solution: E-Commerce

Unified buying and selling experience

  • Multichannel support for direct sales, partners and customers
  • CRM and ERP integration
  • PCI compliance
  • B2B personalization
    Business Challenge

    Channel conflict leads to inconsistent
    product offers and pricing

    Apttus Solution: E-Commerce

    Single platform and data model

    • Constraints and rule-based product configuration
    • Guided selling
    • Promotion and rebate management
    • Machine learning optimizes prices, products, offers, promotions and recommendations
    Business Challenge

    Products are too complex to sell without support

    Apttus Solution: E-Commerce

    Empower all your channels to sell high-complexity products

    • Advanced product configurator and conversational commerce support
    • Guided selling
    • Support digital goods, subscriptions, and services
    • Asset-based ordering
    • Promotion and rebate management
    Business Challenge

    Missed opportunities for upsell and cross-sell revenue

    Apttus Solution: E-Commerce

    Optimize recommendations and promotions based on customer profiles and business needs

    • Intelligent upsell and cross-sell recommendations
    • Permission and role-based displays
    • Machine-learning optimizes prices, products, offers, promotions, and recommendations
    Business Challenge

    Difficulty empowering channel sales teams and partners to sell

    Apttus Solution: E-Commerce

    Dedicated online portals that provide partners guidelines and support

    • Guided selling
    • Permissions-based access
    • Order, reorder, and renew on behalf of customers
    • Order for stock
    • Present a quote


    Increase in cross-sell and upsell opportunities


    Increase in customer lifetime value


    Increase in market share


    Improvement in customer retention

    Neopost Creates More Flexible Customer Interactions and Improves Satisfaction With Apttus E-Commerce

    “Neopost USA has two simple goals – improve customer experience and build long-term loyalty. With the Apttus E-Commerce platform, customers enjoy a uniformly superior experience in the format they prefer – a conversation with a sales professional or a self-service option on MyNeopost.com.”

    – Steve Rakoczy, Senior Vice President of Operations & IT, Neopost

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    The Role of E-Commerce in the End-to-End Quote-to-Cash Process

    Through the entire Quote-to-Cash process, your brand needs to offer the same quality experience at every touch point, in every market. Deploying separate solutions for each channel is not a valid solution. To win and keep a customer’s business, you need to make the end-to-end experience from inquiry to online order or quote to contract as fluid, simple, and appealing as possible.


    Apttus E-Commerce and Partner Commerce are built on the same product catalog, pricing engine, and data model as the award-winning Apttus Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Revenue Management applications. With a fully integrated, single data model for QTC – the only one in the industry – businesses can modernize their entire revenue generation process to sell more intelligently, accelerate deals, and outsell competitors more frequently.