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Apttus Quote-to-Cash enables upstream, midstream, and oil field service providers to reduce costs and risks while increasing speed and improving visibility across construction, operation, and procurement lifecycles. Apttus helps oil, gas, and chemical companies maximize the spread between price and cost, gain improved visibility into margin leakage, and make more agile price updates to achieve rapid business value.

Apttus Solution

Maximize Margins While Driving Compliance

Upstream, midstream, and oilfield services companies are increasingly focused on maximizing asset utilization while minimizing risks and costs. On the other side, downstream and chemical companies are facing margin pressures from overcapacity, price volatility, and ever-expanding regulation. In order to be successful, these groups must address pricing and contracting holistically –taking control of milestone obligations, customer pricing, and profitability, while maximizing contracting and regulatory compliance.

Enable project-specific solutions and pricing

Enable Project Specific Solutions and Pricing

  • Machine learning recommendations ensure upsell and cross-sell solutions and services are included in deals
  • Setup templates allow for employees to onboard partners quickly
  • Sales proposal templates move deals quickly.

Manage customer-specific, formula-based, or location-based pricing

Ensure Consistency Across Pricing Information

  • Manage customer-specific, formula-based, or location-based pricing
  • Rapidly set and execute price changes
  • Ensure pricing meets RFPs and specifications.

Go from contract to job orchestration in one centralized place with the ability to view terms online or offline.

From Contract to Job Orchestration in One Centralized Place

  • View terms online or offline
  • Collaborate across Finance, Operations, and Legal during deal evaluation
  • Work efficiently with alerts, notifications, and process triggers

Easily manage prices, orders and contracts

Increase Efficiency and Accuracy Across Orders and Contracts

  • Easily manage prices, orders and contracts
  • Allocate products and services proportionally
  • Accurately processing rebates and payments.

Maintain Compliance

Minimize Risk Across the Enterprise

  • Maintain current compliance
  • Ensure accurate sales and revenue information is captured correctly
  • Integrate with current ERP

Maximize the Spread Between Price and Cost

 Apttus provides fast and timely pricing updates and improved visibility into deal margins.

  • Effectively assess and execute deal-specific pricing or mass pricing changes to maximize profitability
  • Implement customer, formula, and location-based specific pricing to maximize customer value
  • Incorporate rebate and compliance performance into upfront quoting, contracting, and price setting processes using machine learning

Maximize Efficiency, Reduce Cost, and Improve Contract Visibility

Apttus enables contract-centric businesses to build more effective operational processes with 100% integration of quotes, orders, rebates, and more.

  • Ensure total visibility and compliance throughout the contract lifecycle
  • Centrally manage multiple contracts and large projects while looping global teams into approvals and signatures
  • Streamline prices, contracts, and orders on one platform
  • Efficiently track contract price compliance and consumption
  • Enable omni-channel and partner-commerce through easy-to-use, self-service portals
  • Track all partner contractual obligations and rebates

Drive Contract Compliance and Eliminate Disputes

Ensure total alignment from the original quote, through contract management and rebates.

  • Get a single source of truth for contractual, procedural, and regulatory compliance
  • Manage scope of responsibilities across multiple parties, tracking changes as they happen
  • Centralize billing and invoicing inside one system to drive more
    timely, accurate collection
  • Share savings against budgets proportionally with vendors based on business rules and agreements

See What Our Customers Say


“Energy Transfer Improves Contract Efficiency and Accuracy While Strengthening the Relationships Between All Parties “Energy Transfer and Apttus developed a system that meets our business needs as well as offers our vendors benefits to increase the strength of our relationships.”

-Tyler Fedun, IT Applications Manager, Energy Transfer

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