Apttus For Financial Services

Deliver customer-centric financial solutions across the entire customer lifecycle. Whether enabling corporate or retail clients to make, insure, or preserve assets or helping sponsor create or transition a corporate 401K plan, Apttus helps financial services companies achieve regulatory compliance. Save time, reduce risks, and drive better business value through centralized and intelligent contract negotiation, repapering, amendments, and renewals.

Apttus Solution

Deliver Performance – from Proposal to Renewal

Financial institutions are undergoing transformation. Thanks to rapidly changing regulatory requirements and evolving customer expectations, Chief Digital Officers and CIOs must embrace new business models to ensure compliance with regulation changes such as Brexit and MIFID II, while competing more effectively with emerging competitors. Tomorrow’s leaders will leverage end-to-end solutions – like Apttus – to enable more agile, customer-friendly business processes, while compensating for downward pressures on fees and margins through accelerated deal cycles and increases to total customer lifetime value.

Seamlessly Automate On-boarding for Clients and Partners

  • On-boarding automation for institutional clients, commercial clients, and channel partners (advisors, brokers, and producers)
  • Artificial intelligence and auditable workflows orchestrate a faster, more effective process
  • Preset rules and questionnaires streamline the process and ensure compliance with the latest global regulatory mandates
  • Third-party risk and credit verification for KYC /AML, PEP, FACTA, MIR, etc. ensures compliance
  • Faster SLAs increase operational efficiency, transparency, and overall customer experience

Leverage Customer Data and Pricing Models to Structure Bespoke Deals and Proposals

  • Guided selling engine powered by machine learning increases upsell and cross-sell revenue
  • Configure and bundle solutions, including loans, savings accounts, mortgages, and fee-based advice
  • Partner portals and self-service portals enable captive agents and channel partners – such as producers, brokers and wealth management intermediaries – to propose new coverage and investment options
  • Automated risk and underwriting approval workflows
  • Productize, package, and price data and services for increased margins and new revenue sources (e.g. unbundle investment research for MIFID II compliance)
  • Engage clients via mobile, web, and voice for self-service

Reduce Compliance Overhead During Regulation Changes Such as Dodd Frank, MIFID, and Brexit

  • Automate mass amendments and repapering
  • Enable internal and third-party contract reviews, and multi-party collaboration and notifications
  • Increase transparency with digital searchable contract repositories
  • Automate contract redlines, edits, and approvals with auditable workflows

Discover New Opportunities with Machine Learning

  • Understand customer preference and asset patterns in real time with built-in-intelligence and asset performance
  • Gain machine learning data-driven insights on customer, sales, broker, and advisor activity for revenue forecasting
  • Forecast confidently across all books of business

Use a Single System for Processing

  • Easy processing from proposal-to-payment reduces handoffs and lost information
  • Intelligent upsell and cross-sell recommendations
  • Intelligent promotions and sales campaigns for bankers, advisors, and channel partners leveraging historical data and buyer preferences
  • Fee-based billing models maximize potential

Solutions for The Entire Organization

Advise, Guide, and Tailor Client-Ready Proposals

  • Develop and introduce new customer-oriented solutions and programs tailored to the needs of different markets while maximizing existing customer potential
  • Deliver powerful promotions for sales, partners, and customer service to identify and recommend relevant products and services
  • Provide management, clients, and channels with an integrated view of banking, insurance, brokerage, and loan information including tailored goal tracking, communications, recommendations, and advice

Deliver Collaboration and Insight Without Code

  • Enable product managers and marketers to introduce new products, support guided selling, templates, and promotions with clicks, not code
  • Centralize pricing rules and guidelines with integrated records and tracking natively on the most secure CRM platform
  • Gain a 360-degree view of revenue performance across channels and product lines with automated, on-demand dashboards for agent and broker productivity

Compliance on Your Terms, Without Condition

  • Easily set up and manage global templates and standard language while providing the flexibility to incorporate and police customer-specific terms
  • Support world-class proposals, tailored to customer needs, while complying with KYC and other federal and state regulations governing data collection
  • Ensure complete audit trails with full revision history across amendments, upsell, cross-sell, and service levels
  • Maximize the power of existing documents and spreadsheets with powerful X-Author capabilities

See What Our Customers Say


Capstone Capital Consulting Reduces Data Entry Time by 94 Percent


“With X-Author for Excel, we can make decisions in the moment using dynamic, live data based on demand-reports that provide an overview of where the business stands and which power-moves we should make next. As a result, we can focus more on negotiating strategic transactions and spend time on what really matters.”

– Vasu Vijay, CTO, Capstone Capital Consulting

See What Our Customers Say


FIS Reduces Contract Cycle Times By 75 Percent


“What we found, in fact, is [the contract lifecycle] is even faster than what we had
targeted. So with regard to the time it takes to generate an agreement,
something that had taken six days…is now ninety seconds.”

– Matt Kruse, Vice President of Corporate Programs, FIS

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