Apttus For Manufacturing

Sell complex products more intelligently on the web, via direct sales or through channel partners. Manage channel-specific pricing/discounting rules from a centralized location, flowing accurate information from quotes to contracts to orders. Eliminate costly errors, speed sales cycles, and manage a complex and dynamically changing product catalog more effectively, from order to fulfillment.

Apttus Solution

Seal the Perfect Deal from Inquiry to Order

Today’s customers expect configured solutions with unique specifications and shorter lead times. To stay competitive, manufacturers must enable frictionless, collaborative, and profitable commerce with partners and customers. Apttus gives manufacturers the ability to manage multi-channel pricing and set channel-specific deal controls in order to maximize profitability while meeting specific customer requirements. Go from order-to-delivery in one smooth process, manage rebates, returns, warranties, and benefit from intelligent recommendations that increase total customer lifetime value.

Create more effective promotions and sales campaigns with AI-driven insights.

Deliver market-specific solutions, offers and pricing with user-based portal access, and an e- commerce solution that guides customers through a true solution sale.


Create More Effective Promotions and Sales Campaigns

  • AI-driven insights
  • Deliver market-specific solutions, offers and pricing
  • User-based portal access
  • E- commerce solution that guides customers through a true solution sale

Maximize reseller potential with a partner e-commerce portal.

Streamline collaboration throughout the Quote-to-Cash process and manage partner products, service catalogs, pricing, and contracts from one centralized place. Gain actionable insights about partner performance that drive strategy and agreements.


Create More Effective Promotions and Sales Campaigns

  • AI-driven insights
  • Deliver market-specific solutions, offers and pricing
  • User-based portal access
  • E- commerce solution that guides customers through a true solution sale

Guide customers and partners to configure the right solution at the right price on any device.

Set rules that prevent sales errors and downstream order issues, and make helpful order recommendations based on location, relationship, or purchase history.


Guide Customers and Partners to the Perfect Solutions

  • Configure the right solution at the right price on any device
  • Set rules that prevent sales errors and downstream order issues
  • Make helpful order recommendations based on location, relationship, or purchase history

Give sales teams, partners, and customers a real-time view into order status. Easily orchestrate the invoicing of complex orders and services.

Streamline revenue recognition, partner performance, and renewals management with contract visibility and integration into ERP.


Real-time View Into Order Status

  • Give sales teams, partners, and customers a real-time view into orders
  • Orchestrate invoicing and fulfillment of complex orders and services
  • Streamline revenue recognition, partner performance, and renewals management
  • Contract visibility and integration into ERP

Dynamically up-sell and cross-sell based on customer profile, buying trends, and assets already sold.

Maximize customer retention with integrated contract management, auto-renewals, asset-based ordering, and revenue analytics.


Maximize Customer Retention and Upsell Potential

  • Dynamically upsell and cross-sell based on customer profile, buying trends, and assets already sold
  • Maximize customer retention with integrated contract management, auto-renewals, asset-based ordering, and revenue analytics

Get actionable analytics that accelerate the Quote-to-Cash process.

Uncover new opportunities to improve sales, contracting and revenue cycles and quickly take action, with insights and recommendations delivered in-context to users.


Get Actionable Analytics that Accelerate the Quote-to-Cash Process

  • Uncover new opportunities to improve sales, contracting and revenue cycles
  • Quickly take action with insights and recommendations delivered in-context to users

Embrace Customers in the Digital Economy

Customers want to do business anytime, anywhere, any way they want. Apttus enables self-service product configuration for partners, direct sales, call centers, and E-Commerce sites. Manage complex, multi-channel and multi-geo sales campaigns with customized partner websites and personalized landing pages for segments.

Simplify a Complex Sales Process

Apttus keeps sales teams and channel partners educated and enabled for success in the face of growing product complexity, expanding or custom add-on services, and lengthy purchase agreements. Configure any product or service, including bundles, options, accessories and sub-assemblies, and manage pricing hierarchies and tiers across multiple partners and regions. Drive upsell/cross-sell opportunities based on purchasing histories and trends.

Gain Visibility Into Changes That Impact Revenue Targets

Purpose-built for the revenue team and key stakeholders, Apttus Quote-to-Cash Intelligence provides visibility into changes that may impact revenue targets and helps Sales and Marketing teams understand revenue trade-offs and drivers for better pricing, product, promotion, and channel strategies.

Control Revenue Without Slowing Down Deals

Easily support any type of revenue for any product, business line, system, and country. Only Apttus offers complete visibility into the fiscal terms in your contracts, so customer invoices, partner rebates, and revenue schedules are always accurate, easy-to-understand and up-to-date.

Speed Sales Cycles Without Introducing Risks

Help Sales and Legal work better together through the sales process by enabling the balance of speed and control. Apttus brings visibility and control to the contract process without sacrificing speed and agility. With usability innovations that enable Legal to manage contract workflows from Microsoft Office, mobile approvals, e-signature, and automated approvals, Legal is empowered to drive productivity while reducing risks and costs.

See What Our Customers Say

Neopost Consolidates Disjointed Sales Systems and Centralizes the Quoting Process

“Neopost USA has two simple goals – improve customer experience and build long-term loyalty. With the Apttus E-Commerce platform, customers enjoy a uniformly superior experience in the format they prefer – a conversation with a sales professional or a self-service option on MyNeopost.com.”

– Steve Rakoczy, Senior Vice President of Operations & IT, Neopost

See What Our Customers Say

Global Foundries Translates Complex Customer Products Into a Streamlined Manufacturing Processes

“Our partnership with Apttus enabled us to launch an innovative engineering application that reduces the cycle time of configuring custom processes from days to minutes, improving our responsiveness to customer inquiries and reducing manual mistakes.”

– King Ou Sr., Director

See What Our Customers Say

Apttus Drives Agility For a Global Manufacturing Brand

“The company is committed to modify and upgrade the product joining the customer journey and in different divisions across the globe.”

– Ihab Fahmy, Frontend Application Demand Manager, ABB