The era of managing revenue and legal operations with ill-equipped front-office CRM or back-office ERP systems is over. Your revenue and contract management processes deserve better, which is why Apttus invented the industry’s most comprehensive, award-winning Quote-to-Cash solutions for the Middle Office.

Apttus Delivers Award-Winning Middle Office Solutions for Quote-to-Cash Solutions

Why are leading enterprises focusing their efforts on establishing a Middle Office as the command center for driving commercial excellence and igniting growth?


Find out in The Ultimate Guide to the Middle Office that addresses the need for centralized visibility, speed, and control in today’s digital services economy.


You’ll learn why enterprises are missing significant revenue opportunities today, how to ignite growth with commercial excellence, and practical tips on managing commercial processes at enterprise scale.


What Is the Middle Office?

The Middle Office is where revenue happens. It’s a business’ command center for achieving commercial excellence in the digital economy. Sitting between the front-office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and back-office Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Middle Office processes cover the points when a customer expresses a desire to purchase your product or service all the way through to the acquisition of revenue.

The Middle Office includes product and deal configuration, pricing, quoting, contract management, digital commerce, order management, billing, and revenue recognition. Apttus gives enterprises the industry’s most sophisticated, end-to-end Middle Office solution that streamlines all revenue and legal processes, eliminates manual tasks, keeps all stakeholders informed, collapses sales and contract cycle times, lowers costs, and ultimately maximizes revenue yield — all on a single data model.

Apttus – The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

The Middle Office Today

We live and work in an age of transformative AI. The average business collects millions of data points daily – buyer locations, quote values, contract signatures, basket values, and more. Because the Apttus Middle Office platform brings all business objects, processes, and intelligence into one place, it’s possible to leverage AI to recommend actions that make every seller more successful, while enabling personalization, speed, and satisfaction at every touch point.

How Apttus Drives Quote-to-Cash Success


Automating all Middle Office processes and incorporating them on a single data model enables faster, more agile operations with a holistic view of revenue through a common user interface.


A fully connected revenue process makes it possible to spot positive behaviors and patterns, then reward the behaviors that drive success.


With your entire revenue process in one place, AI can identify sales activity patterns and make timely recommendations that help all reps perform like your top 10 percent.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Thomson Reuters Consolidates 14 Information Sources Into a Single Platform with Apttus CPQ

“After assessing all the vendors, we felt Apttus CPQ was by far the best enterprise order capture solution – it would enable a seamless experience for our sales team while automating much of the quote process.” 

Craig Eiter, Vice President of Sales Enablement, Thomson Reuters

What Our Customers Are Saying

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Achieved a 34% Reduction in Contract Cycle Time
With Apttus

“HPE’s deployment has thousands of users worldwide, and the solution was
implemented globally in a single rollout. With Apttus, we have unprecedented

control over the contracting workflow. The Apttus solution supports our goals in
deal velocity and contracting process simplification.”

– Arne Byberg VP Innovation & Strategic Solutions & Associate General Counsel

What Our Customers Say

Healthwise Connects Sales and Finance to Scale Its Business On Salesforce

“With Apttus we are able to complete the entire Quote-to-Cash process at relatively the same financial cost of our legacy processes and the benefits of dealing with only one software set and vendor are innumerable. It will optimize our entire sales infrastructure process and allow us to keep the focus on the most important part of our business – our clients.” 

Darra Wray, Chief Financial Officer, Healthwise

Customers Report Improved Business Outcomes

Our customers have experienced significant benefits from using our Intelligent Middle Office Platform, including larger deal sizes, increased win rates, faster deal closure, greater contract compliance, increased sales effectiveness and efficiency, and more.
Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Apttus Customers.

Source: Apttus Quote-to-Cash (QTC) Impact Study conducted June 2017 by an independent third-party, Satmetrix on 200+ Apttus customer contacts randomly selected. Performance metrics are intended as a guideline based upon historical results from a sample set of customers. Results are dependent upon many different factors that are customer-specific. Therefore, actual results will vary. Response size per question varies.

Apttus Middle Office QTC Solutions: An Overview

Guide sales teams to construct and optimize offers, selecting the best mix of products and services from a universal catalog.

With all pricing, promotions, and approval rules built in, Sales can always generate the optimal quote to win deals.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Gain visibility into contract terms and conditions within your agreements while bringing speed and governance to your contract management process.

Manage any type of contract and support the full lifecycle including contract generation, negotiation and redlining, and obligation management.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Generate accurate invoices directly from the latest orders and contracts, including invoices for subscriptions, professional services, hard goods, and usage-based services.

View orders, contracts and invoices in a central place, understand billing flow, and create unique revenue recognition policies for each line item.

Revenue Management

Define and enforce deal parameters (e.g., discount level, product status, customer history, operational constraints) to maximize your margins, profits, and revenue.

Help sellers see how a proposed deal ranks and provide recommendations that improve the deal through the approval process.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Order Management

Capture orders, changes, and orchestrate with multiple external systems across all channels.


Validate changes across contract versions, and get a comprehensive view of customer orders, expected delivery dates, and shipment costs.


Turn Excel into a user interface for both Apttus and CRM software, boosting application adoption, increasing productivity, saving administrative hours, and easily automating many processes throughout an enterprise.


X-Author leverages users’ existing familiarity with the Excel user interface and its functionality to quickly and easily manage many tasks across Middle Office processes. Automatically sync changes across profitability calculations, product catalog, and price book updates with the click of a button.


Enable self-service, partner-service, and hybrid models that are consistent with the direct sales experience. Apttus ensures all channels have access to the product catalog, customer-specific pricing, capture of new orders, and reordering of existing assets and compatible products.

Apttus Max

Max is an intelligent agent that enables users to interact with third-party enterprise software solutions via a conversational user interface, such as text or speech, Execute Apttus processes through established channels (e.g., Skype, Slack, SMS) and orchestrate aspects of the commercial process like quoting, contracts, and discounts.

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