Apttus Max

Intelligent Mobile Assistant for the Middle Office

Max is the world’s first intelligent mobile assistant for the Middle Office. Automate and quickly complete repetitive tasks, such as cloning quotes or creating agreements, using applied artificial intelligence.

Harvard Business Review Conducts Study on Artificial Intelligence

See the Impact of AI on Revenue Generation and Quote-to-Cash

Gartner predicts that 25 percent of digital workers will use virtual employee assistants daily by 2021.

Max is the world’s first intelligent mobile assistant for the Middle Office. On-the-go executives and field reps can easily use Apttus’ CPQ and CLM applications to quickly complete repetitive tasks, such as cloning quotes or creating agreements. Whether using text or voice, Max reduces the steps needed to find the information you want, so you can be productive wherever you are.

Apttus Max and Your Business
What if you could create quotes and agreements faster – no matter how complex your business becomes?


See How Apttus Can Help
Learn how Max from Apttus transforms the Middle Office by providing the means to accomplish tasks, whether on-the-go or while juggling multiple responsibilities at home, to help drive commercial excellence at scale.

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What is your business challenge?

Business Challenge

Low User Adoption

Apttus Solution: MAX

Conversational mobile assistance for each user

  • Accessible while on-the-go
  • Enables 24/7 selling
  • Busy executives can easily use Apttus with minimal to no training

Business Challenge

Slow and Inefficient Responses to Customers

Apttus Solution: MAX

Respond to customers instantly at the point of interaction

  • Create, update, look up, and take the next steps for critical CPQ and CLM tasks from Slack, Microsoft Teams, or SF1 Mobile App
  • Search, clone, adjust, and generate quotes to quickly provide budgetary estimates for your customers
  • Create and send NDAs for signature with a single command
  • Look up the status of agreements or quotes

Business Challenge

Missing Key Deadlines

Apttus Solution: MAX

Stay on top of upcoming renewals and other approaching deadlines

  • Receive automatic, proactive notifications when quotes are up for renewal
  • Get notified of approvals waiting on you so you can handle them right then and there
  • Know when the ball lands in your court so you can take quick actions to advance the deal

Neopost Creates More Flexible Customer Interactions and Improves Satisfaction With Apttus E-Commerce

“Neopost USA has two simple goals – improve customer experience and build long-term loyalty. With the Apttus E-Commerce platform, customers enjoy a uniformly superior experience in the format they prefer – a conversation with a sales professional or a self-service option on MyNeopost.com.”

– Steve Rakoczy, Senior Vice President of Operations & IT, Neopost

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Easier, Faster, Smarter Management


Faster Task Completion


Faster Sales Rep Ramp Up


New Revenue Opportunities


Decrease in Customer Returns

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