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Apttus’ Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution ends the era of manual and disjointed contract processes and enables you to deliver higher-quality customer experiences through automation and increased visibility.

Apttus has joined forces with Conga to form the all-new Conga. As two long-time pioneers in the industry come together, the new Conga offers a comprehensive product suite that helps businesses transform their commercial operations.


Through Conga’s complete, powerful CLM solutions, companies of every size can meet their contract lifecycle management (CLM) needs. Want to know more? Download the Ultimate guide to contract management.

CLM and Your Business
What if you could transform your contract management processes by reducing risk and contract cycle times while simultaneously maximizing the value of every customer relationship?


See How Apttus Can Help
Learn how Apttus CLM, along with the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, can help you drive contract excellence at scale.

Why is mastering CLM critical to success?

100% of legal departments say their workloads are rising faster than their budgets. Apttus CLM drives contract excellence at scale, reduces cycle times, improves negotiating outcomes, and minimizes risk. Built in the cloud, Apttus seamlessly connects with CRM and eSignature solutions to simplify your Middle Office. Apttus empowers all departments on their journey to achieve commercial excellence.


Business Challenge

Lack of visibility into obligations; inability to find critical contract information

Apttus Solution: CLM

Secure, centralized repository for buy-side and sell-side contracts

  • Full text search across terms, clauses, and metadata
  • Filtering and saved search
  • Detailed audit history
Contract Management Software X-Author User Experience
Business Challenge

Contract management is disconnected from other critical business processes

Apttus Solution: CLM

Full integration with critical sales, customer, and partner applications

  • Integration with any CRM
  • Generate contracts from quotes
  • Self-service contract wizards
  • Customer and partner portals
Contract Management Software Apttus User Experience
Business Challenge

It takes too long to create and approve contracts

Apttus Solution: CLM

AI-managed workflows and approvals for speed across the entire contract lifecycle

  • Self-service contract wizards
  • One-click contract generation
  • Delegation of authority matrix, including out-of-office
  • Integration with e-signature
Business Challenge

Lack of contract standardization across teams and geographies

Apttus Solution: CLM

Ensure consistency across global teams

  • Create or import Legal playbooks
  • Rule-based auto-assembly
  • Conditional assembly
  • Role-based access and permissions
Business Challenge

Poor contract compliance

Apttus Solution: CLM

Centralization and enterprise-grade controls ensure compliance

  • Central, global repository
  • Version control and audit trail
  • Exceptions management
  • Track terms and changes on third party paper

Other Common Business Challenges

Business Challenge: Contract mistakes and errors

Apttus Solution: CLM

100% accuracy across contract versions — even for third-party paper contracts

  • Pre-approved clause libraries and templates
  • Intelligent tagging and text recommendations
  • Workflows and approvals
  • Role-based access and permissions
  • Exception management through alerts and notifications

Business Challenge: Poor visibility into supplier spending and sub-optimal supplier arrangements

Apttus Solution: CLM

Full visibility into sell-side and buy-side contracts

  • Integrate with your preferred financial and procurement systems
  • Supplier portal
  • Supplier reporting, KPIs and analytics

Business Challenge: Lack of visibility into Legal performance

Apttus Solution: CLM

Keep the team on track with advanced analytics and configurable KPI tracking

  • Standard reports and charts
  • Set and manage to risk thresholds
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Contract intelligence and predictive CLM

Business Challenge: Poor adoption of legal software

Apttus Solution: CLM

Make it easy for every team to interact with contracts in the tools they prefer.

  • Check-in, check out, versioning, redlining, comparison, and advanced reconciliation from Microsoft Word
  • Manage contracts through Skype, Slack, and SMS
  • Integration with Sales, Finance, and Procurement systems
  • 30+ languages and currencies
  • Integration to e-signature


Faster Audit Reports


Content Accuracy


Increase In Compliance


Faster Contract Processing