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Built for enterprises that are digitally transforming their revenue operations, Apttus’ award-winning CPQ solution empowers sales, partners, and customers to configure complex products and services, deliver accurate quotes, and create smarter deals with the most up-to-date product and pricing information.

CPQ and Your Business
What if you could transform your sales channels to sell more, faster — no matter how complex your business becomes? Make every sales rep, selling partner and even your website, perform like your best-selling sales rep.


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Learn how Apttus CPQ solutions provide sales teams with everything they need to close a deal. See what it takes to improve customer relationship management by making all sales components easily available.

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Why is mastering CPQ critical to success?

82 percent of B2B decision-makers think sales reps are unprepared. But how do you empower your sales team to sell more effectively with less time? Apttus CPQ leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to act as a “virtual coaching staff” that helps you scale the actions of your best sales reps across your entire sales organization. With Apttus CPQ, sales reps quote complex products and services faster and more accurately, ultimately closing bigger deals at a higher win rate and impacting companies’ revenue growth rates.

What is your business challenge?

Business Challenge

Selling a growing, complex or configurable product catalog across multiple channels

Apttus Solution: CPQ

Make complex product sales simple for all your channels

  • Add hundreds of line items without sacrificing quote complexity
  • User controlled split of a large quote
  • Synchronized processes for complex pricing
  • Product visibility and availability rules (for location, channel, and user)
  • Guided selling wizards for configurable products
  • Extend product catalog to E-Commerce users, partners, and direct sales channels
  • CPQ intelligence with predictive CPQ
Business Challenge

Separate quotes required for product and service combinations

Apttus Solution: CPQ

Include complex products and various services on a single quote

  • Quickly combine products with professional, subscription, or after-market services
  • Full visibility into customer purchases on a single quote
  • Quickly upsell and cross-sell added services with guided selling
Business Challenge

Bottlenecks and barriers in the sales process

Apttus Solution: CPQ

Manage Quote-to-Cash with an intelligent and collaborative solution built on a single data model

  • Centralized repository for all revenue-related data
  • Intelligent templates and playbooks make deal construction easy
  • Machine-learning system with insights and alerts enables rapid improvement of sales process
  • Self-service kiosks and guided selling
  • User-based workflows
  • Delegation of authority matrix for approvals
Business Challenge

Inaccurate or unpredictable sales forecasts

Apttus Solution: CPQ

Get a centralized view of quotes, contracts, and orders for a more accurate sales forecast in real time.

  • Up-to-date product and pricing information
  • 360-degree view of pipeline
  • Automated quotes, contracts, orders and renewals
  • Intelligent deal guidance for more profitable and favorable deals

Other Common Business Challenges

Business Challenge: Inconsistent pricing and rogue discounting

Apttus Solution: CPQ

Deliver up-to-date pricing and promotions across all channels with discount guardrails to ensure pricing continuity and margin-friendly deals

  • Centralized product catalog
  • Role, geo, consumption, and user-based pricing
  • Guided selling with deal ratings and recommendations
  • Manage multiple price lists, pricing tiers, and ramps
  • Identify non-standard contract terms

Business Challenge: Quoting errors

Apttus Solution: CPQ

Eliminate risk with smart automated selling

  • Centralized product, pricing, and contract rules
  • Intelligent playbooks and templates
  • Advanced workflows and approvals
  • User-based permissions and access

Business Challenge: Lack of visibility into customer information and purchase history

Apttus Solution: CPQ

Get full visibility into customer history

  • Cross-sell and upsell insights with full contract visibility
  • Ensures contract compliance
  • Automatic renewals and renewal alerts

Business Challenge: Inability to manage product and pricing complexity

Apttus Solution: CPQ

Model complex product and service combinations easily

  • Advanced rule-based configuration engine 
  • Unlimited attributes for configuration, including nested bundles
  • Asset-based ordering for subscriptions, reorders, and renewals
  • Multiple rule types and constraints

Apttus CPQ Arms AV Flexologic Sales Team With Accurate, On-Demand Quotes

“Our participation in the Drupa Conference was even more successful than previous years, in part because our salespeople were able to provide quality quotes immediately, on-site.”

Tjeenk Willink, Vice President, AV Flexologic Americas

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CPQ’s Role in the End-to-End
Quote-to-Cash Process

Customers expect businesses to use information from the pre-sales phase in the contracting, invoicing, and renewal phases. Seeing errors or requests for the same information frustrates them and paints your business in a bad light. By bringing CPQ into an integrated Quote-to-Cash (QTC) process, businesses can connect previously disjointed departments and systems to provide the ultimate customer experience.


Apttus combines its award-winning, industry-leading Apttus Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Revenue Management applications into a fully integrated QTC solution based on a single data model. With Apttus CPQ, businesses can master their entire revenue-generation process to sell more intelligently, drive revenue more effectively, and outsell competitors more frequently to raise performance in the marketplace.

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