Revenue Management

Create Customer-Friendly Revenue Processes with Apttus Revenue Management

Apttus Revenue Management transforms the billing, order management, and revenue recognition process by bringing customer, quote, and contract data together in one place. Ensure the latest order information is always available to sales, customer, and service teams and simplify order orchestration across multiple channels.

Apttus solves compliance and automates across Contracts, Orders, Incentive Compensation Management, and Revenue Recognition.

What is Revenue Management?

B2B consumers expect flexibility when it comes to placing orders, managing, terminating, and renewing their business relationships. In order to be easy to work with pre-and-post sale, an integrated approach from sales to fulfillment is needed. With Apttus, you can support any business model — including one-time transactions, usage and consumption fees, and subscriptions.

Revenue Management and Your Business
What if you could transform your revenue management processes to increase your top-line revenue, reduce your revenue leakage, and improve your operational efficiency?


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What is your business challenge?

Business Challenge

Inability to recognize revenue from various business models

Apttus Solution: Revenue Management

Enable new monetization models and blended business approaches

  • Automated usage-based, royalty-based, deferred, immediate, ratable, and milestone-based revenue recognitionMake complex product sales simple for all your channels
CPQ Configure Price Quote - Increase Deal Size

Business Challenge

Sales lacks real-time visibility into customer information and purchase

Apttus Solution: Revenue Management

See order, invoice, and revenue recognition details quickly and easily from your preferred CRM solution or customer portal

  • Manage the revenue process on the same data model as quotes and contracts
CPQ Configure Price Quote - Desktop Screenshot

Business Challenge

Inventory returns, billing disputes, and revenue leakage

Apttus Solution: Revenue Management

Make purchase information available to sales reps, service teams, and customers in real time

  • Capture in-flight changes as they happen
  • Automatic billing based on assets ordered
  • Generate renewal opportunities with built-in cross-sell and upsell insights
CPQ Configure Price Quote - Desktop Screenshot

Business Challenge

Rigid and inflexible billing and order management practices limit business growth

Apttus Solution: Revenue Management

Create the ideal product packages for the market, not your ERP system

  • Automated usage-based, royalty-based, deferred, immediate, ratable and milestone-based payments
  • Invoice for full orders, partial orders or pending orders
  • Activate orders per line item, bill detailed line-items, or roll up to a bundle
  • Adjust invoice schedules based on upgrades, down-grades, swaps and add-ons
  • Address in-flight changes as they happen
  • Capture and manage new, add-on, and renewal orders
  • Undo changes or cancellations to inflight orders
  • Split or combined invoices across multiple orders and line items

More Common Business Challenges

Business Challenge: Difficulty keeping up-to-date and compliant with new regulations

Apttus Solution: Revenue Management

Automate your revenue process while ensuring compliance with evolving standards

  • Cloud-based solution enables easy adaptation to new regulations
  • ASC 605, ASC 606, and IFRS 15 compliant

Business Challenge: Inability to plan for incoming revenue with financial accuracy and revenue recognition compliance

Apttus Solution: Revenue Management

Single source of truth for all orders ensures no details are missed

  • Pull real-time information from quotes and contracts for a more accurate representation of sales
  • Ensure financial data is accurate before pushing to general ledger
  • Easy auditing and forecasting driven from product catalog, satisfied obligations, and fulfilled orders

Large Brokerage Firm Transforms Fiduciary Responsibility Into Business Opportunity

“Apttus helped us reshape a regulatory issue into competitive advantage with an open-API, SaaS based solution that offered out-of-the-box transparency and reporting, while also leveraging our current CRM investment for instant adoption.”

– Managing Director of Client Technology, Large Brokerage Firm


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Why Use a Revenue Management System?

Why migrate all your revenue information out of your CRM system after the contract has been signed? Apttus Revenue Management keeps all your order, billing, fulfillment, contract and revenue recognition data in your CRM system giving your customer facing teams an easy to use revenue management system to respond to customer needs in real-time. You’ll have contract visibility for revenue protection and global scalability for revenue assurance. With Apttus Revenue Management built from the ground up as part of the Apttus Quote-to-Cash solution, you can track contract details from contract signing to order fulfillment all while maintaining an accurate record of the value you have earned from the deal. Bring the back office to the front with Apttus Revenue Management.

Capitalize on All Revenue Management Levers

Provide multiple opportunities for your business to generate revenue by optimizing the main levers of revenue management: Pricing strategy, controlling inventory, price promotion responsiveness, and distribution channels. You can utilize all of these levers to your advantage and increase your bottom line. Strategically price your products with CPQ, manage promotional campaigns, and appropriately incentivize the right channels, at the right time.

Optimize Your Revenue Management Process

Go through the revenue management process with confidence. Collect historical data from customer contracts for better insight on pricing, purchasing, or product demand information. Use your data within your CRM to better segment your customers and be able to forecast various elements in inventory, demand and more. Strategically optimize your business to achieve the highest revenue possible, all while being flexible and dynamic.


Reduction in revenue cycle times


Reduction in cycle times


Of new business can be processed automatically

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