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Manage Subscriptions and the Full Spectrum of Blended Business Models

Companies in every industry—from software and financial services to consumer goods, manufacturing, and healthcare—are igniting growth with subscription business models and product offerings.

With 80% of B2B customers demanding new consumption models like subscriptions, usage-based services, and “Anything-as-a-Service”, the world of one-and-done sales is gone forever.

By going to market with a mix of physical goods, digital goods, subscriptions, usage-based services, aftermarket services, and professional services, businesses have multiple avenues to deliver value as they build long-term relationships with their customers and partners.

Keep your subscription business agile and customer friendly with an Intelligent Middle Office Platform™ that can manage the complexity of subscriptions and the full spectrum of blended business models.

Support Every Step of the Subscription Customer Lifecycle with Apttus Omni™

In the subscription economy, the critical point of the sales relationship is no longer limited to the original purchase—it lasts for the entirety of the customer relationship. This means a successful customer experience must support the ability to configure, price, quote, and buy a mix of products and services all the way through to fulfillment, billing, and renewal. With Apttus Omni: Intelligent Middle Office Platform, you’ll manage the full customer lifecycle for your subscription business—and open up the possibility of seamless upsells, cross-sells, add-ons, renewals, and more.

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Enable Fast-growing, Recurring Revenue Streams

In the subscription economy, enterprises need the ability to modify and renew subscriptions. With the advent of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) this need has grown into the need for Asset Based Ordering, which allows enterprises to renew, terminate, swap and change existing subscriptions. These capabilities also enable industries like insurance and financial services to offer subscriptions.

As SaaS morphed into XaaS (Anything as a Service), many organizations are now offering their products as a service and are using it as a way to differentiate in an otherwise highly commoditized market place. This transformation has led to a need for integrated contracts, billing and revenue recognition to be exposed to customer facing employees—even in self-service E-Commerce websites— since changes to the subscription must ultimately flow through to billing and revenue recognition. With Apttus Omni, this entire process can be automated and optimized.

Package, Price, Quote, and Sell with Unlimited Flexibility

Selling in subscription economy often requires a combination of products and services to satisfy the buyer’s requirements. Depending on the complexity of your product and service offering, this can be significant challenge.

Finding a solution that can configure the full spectrum physical products, subscriptions, and services easily inside a proposal—and package them up for self-service ordering through an e-commerce site—is rare in today’s marketplace.

Apttus Intelligent Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is the only CPQ solution that makes product selection, solution configuration, price negotiation and quote generation easy for any blend of physical goods, subscriptions, aftermarket services, and professional services.

Drive Subscription Revenue Through All Your Channels

Forrester has found that B2B omni-channel customers – those that buy from you from multiple sales channels – not only cost less to serve, but also spend more. As business buyers increasingly want to research and buy products online—everything from simple physical goods and complex configurable goods to services, subscriptions, and software, Apttus enables omni-channel engagement with customers. Whether you sell through direct sales teams, distributors, partners, or provide assisted and unassisted digital commerce, your customers can buy from you anytime, anywhere, and on any device with Apttus E-Commerce.

Increase Revenue While Eliminating Risk with Accurate, Up-to-Date Agreements

In many industries, including health and life sciences, the contract is the core of a long-term customer relationship. But in a subscription business, contract details may need to change over the life of the customer relationship. No matter how complex or agile your business is, Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management ensures that changes to the contract are captured, and that accurate product, service, seat, and usage-based fee information flows downstream where it can be accurately captured by Finance. Ensure your reps, distributors, and customers always have access to the agreed upon terms, and that there are never surprises when it’s time to renew.

Support Every Order, Monetization Model and Channel with Ease

When you have to manage multiple monetization models, or coordinate invoicing for multiple and changing product orders, it can be a challenge to manage these activities in a way that doesn’t confuse the customer or introduce errors. Apttus Billing and Subscription Management leverages the same revenue data model as quotes and agreements information to ensure always-accurate invoices. Apttus supports asset-based ordering, mass renewal management, flexible billing for full orders, partial orders, or pending orders, and automatically adjusts invoice schedules based on up-grades, down-grades, swaps, and add-ons.

Eliminate Costs and Transform the Customer Experience with 100% Accurate Orders

Depending on the industry, fulfillment can be a very complex coordination of activities, including custom design and configuration, scheduling manufacturing processes, software provisioning, equipment installation, and scheduling of services teams. With Apttus Order Management, you’ll be able to receive orders through multiple channels, including bulk electronic (EDI) orders and mobile order entry. Apttus makes it easy to streamline the process, orchestrate distributed order fulfillment across multiple external downstream systems, and deliver the right product, to the right customer, at the right time.

Make Revenue Recognition Easy and Manage Risk

Whether you need to recognize revenue for usage-based, royalty-based, deferred, immediate, ratable, or milestone-based products, Apttus Revenue Recognition makes the process easy–and automatic, ensuring all pertinent data is passed to the back office system of record. Stay agile without introducing risk to your business with automated revenue schedules that adapt when contracts and assets change mid-cycle. Keep Finance and stakeholders happy with the ability to visualize and report on revenue recognition schedules, analyzing how new orders and asset changes impact your growth.

Automate for ASC 606/IFRS 15 Compliance

Compliance with the new ASC 606/IFRS 15 revenue recognition rules is particularly challenging for subscription businesses. When changes to contracts and assets owned happen mid-cycle, it has a ripple effect on obligations and revenue recognition schedules, as well as the transactional operations of invoice adjustments, billing schedules, credits, and entitlements. Apttus ASC 606 Software for Revenue Recognition Compliance is the only solution that allows you to manage all five ASC 606 compliance steps in the same transactional system, leveraging the same shared revenue data model, reducing the cost of revenue recognition and eliminating reliance on manual efforts and spreadsheets.

Improve Sales Performance with Integrated Incentives

Apttus Omni is the only subscription management solution that includes centralized, comprehensive incentive management. With Apttus Incentives, you’ll drive the performance of direct sales teams, partners, channels and e-commerce websites by integrating rebates, promotions and sales incentives into your sales, contract and revenue processes. Scale sophisticated incentive programs, define promotional programs, and streamline rebate management to drive upsell, cross-sell, and renewal rates for all your products.

Provide Actionable Insights in Context at the Moment of Maximum Impact

All Apttus applications use Max, applied artificial intelligence(AI)for the middle office. Max provides an intelligent conversational user interface to deliver insights and recommendations to help your sales, legal, operations and financial professionals produce revenue maximizing outcomes for your enterprise. The resulting actions accelerate and optimize the output of the CPQ, CLM, E-Commerce and Revenue Management solutions that comprise Apttus Omni. Max on top of our single data model creates a powerful engine revealing new opportunities and relationships previously unidentified. As a result of these new insights and information, users are able to see and take action to maximize new revenue opportunities.

For Subscription Businesses of All Sizes

Apttus provides subscription businesses of all sizes an integrated, automated platform that’s built on a single data model.This allows data from one interaction with a customer to be immediately available in other interactions, regardless of channel, resulting in a comprehensive revenue view of the customer, actionable in real-time. Automate and optimize product configuration, pricing, quoting, contract management, E-Commerce, order management, billing, renewals and revenue recognition capabilities all on one Intelligent Middle Office Platform. Improve revenue generation, reduce the cost of buying and selling, comply with ever-changing policies, regulations and laws without restricting growth, and gain a competitive advantage by reacting quickly to changing market and business needs with Apttus Omni.

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