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Turn Excel Into a User Interface for CRM Applications

Turn Excel Into a User Interface for CRM Applications

Boost CRM adoption and increase Excel productivity throughout your entire organization by incorporating them together with X-Author. Create and deploy your own Excel-based applications – or install ready-to-use apps – that leverage all the objects, rules, and permissions of Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM applications. Save administrative hours, automate processes, and bring the entire organization onto one data model to achieve new levels of performance and ease of use.

X-Author and Your Business
What if you could save hours of administrative work and increase the adoption of your CRM application while maintaining permissions, rules, and security?


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What is your business challenge?

Business Challenge

Increase CRM User Adoption and Productivity

Apttus Solution: X-AUTHOR

  • Add Excel as a data entry option
  • Remove adoption challenges
  • Quickly update pipeline reports, contact lists, opportunity statuses all from a familiar Excel interface
Business Challenge

Move Legacy Excel Processes to CRM

Apttus Solution: X-AUTHOR

  • Turn time-consuming and manual tasks into easy-to-manage, streamlined processes
  • Easy-to-do revenue-related tasks like reporting
  • Reduce process time from weeks to hours or minutes with one-click updates
Business Challenge

The Easiest CRM Data Loader

Apttus Solution: X-AUTHOR

  • Keep CRM records accurate and up-to-date by leveraging Excel for data operations
  • Remove the risk and time suck of mass data uploads
  • Allow teams to quickly upload large volumes of data without violating the CRM rules that govern specific objects and fields
CPQ Configure Price Quote - Desktop Screenshot
Business Challenge

A Better CRM Data Migrator

Apttus Solution: X-AUTHOR

  • Set up templates once then power one-click data loads without limits and restrictions
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to move data across CRM orgs by 80%

Account Management

  • Enable Sales to view and update all relevant account information — including all opportunities, Activities, Contacts, and Cases — in a single workbook
  • Eliminate inefficiencies caused by having to edit each record one-by-one

Opportunity Management

  • Make instant updates to all Opportunities from Excel, while ensuring consistency with CRM controls and permissions 
  • Improve time savings and data quality
  • Gain offline and Excel reporting capabilities for all opportunities

Campaign Management

  • Build and update any CRM campaign quickly and easily, without having to repeatedly re-export data in order to use the sorting and filtering capabilities of Excel
  • Bulk load, view, or mass-update customer fields — including Contacts, Campaign Members, a custom field — from Excel
  • View data across any set of Campaigns in a single sheet