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Achieving strategic business outcomes in today’s business environment is anything but easy but this is exactly what we’ve done for 600+ organizations and the results are measurable. We want to do the same for your business.

Business Transformation with Apttus Quote-to-Cash

Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Apttus Customers
Source: Apttus Quote-to-Cash (QTC) Impact Study conducted June 2017 by an independent third-party, Satmetrix on 200+ Apttus customer contacts randomly selected. Performance metrics are intended as a guideline based upon historical results from a sample set of customers. Results are dependent upon many different factors that are customer-specific. Therefore, actual results will vary. Response size per question varies.

Quote-to-Cash is the vital business process between the buyer’s interest in a purchase and the company’s realization of revenue, and it encompasses the entirety of a company’s sales, contract, ordering, billing and customer relationship lifecycles.


Because Quote-to-Cash is at the heart of every company’s ability to drive revenue and manage risk, it is arguably the most important process for businesses to master. It covers everything from configuring products and services; pricing, quoting, negotiating and executing contracts; fulfilling orders, invoicing, billing, managing and recognizing revenue; and handling renewals.


As the single link between top-line growth, bottom-line results and customer satisfaction, Quote-to-Cash relies on the collective intelligence of your enterprise and the expertise of Apttus, the leader in Quote-to-Cash.

With over a decade of experience working with some of the largest and most complex global organizations in the world, we’ve identified 9 business outcomes that solve over 20 common business challenges across the Quote-to-Cash process. We focus on helping you achieve these business outcomes because they address CEO and Sr. Business Executives top priorities – revenue growth, profitability, digital transformation and customer delight.


At the onset of your Quote-to-Cash business transformation project, we’ll help you identify your desired business outcomes. Then we’ll partner with you every step of the way to help your business achieve your Quote-to-Cash process transformation goals.

Apttus Focuses on Quote-to-Cash Business Outcomes By Solving Over 20 Underlying Business Challenges

Improved Accuracy

  • Inaccurate quoting
  • Billing and invoicing issues
  • Rebate mismanagement
  • Inaccurate commission payments
  • Frequent customization of T&Cs and SLAs
  • Delayed procurement, shipping and production due to errors
Increased Speed to Market

  • Slow Quote-to-Cash cycle time
  • Slow new product introductions
  • Reps respond to customer requests slower than competitors
  • Delays in delivery of subscription services
More Simplicity

  • SKU proliferation due to excessive product/service options and multiple customer segments being served
  • Limited Customer and partner visibility
  • Multiple entities (e.g. sales partners, solution integrators, outsourcing) involved in serving customers
Increased Sales Efficiency

  • Frequent executive involvement
  • Low value-added tasks and low workforce productivity due to manual processes along sales cycle
  • Inadequate tools (e.g. mobile, offline quoting)
Larger Deal Sizes

  • Difficulty cross selling, upselling, and selling across the entire product suite
  • Maverick discounting
More Opportunities

  • Poor partner channel effectiveness
  • Lack of / insufficient E-Commerce platform
Improved Margin

  • Legacy sales system
  • High legal fees
  • No visibility into operational performance
Higher Win Rates

  • Renewal mismanagement
  • Low sales conversion rates
  • Suboptimal pricing
Improved Sales Effectiveness

  • Poor sales enablement (e.g. onboarding, product training, job-specific training)
  • Low quote attainment and high sales turnover
Accurate quotes, proposals, contracts and orders rely on the smooth flow of all data and processes within an enterprise. Businesses that achieve this level of connectedness create value for themselves and their partners and customers. Simply put, streamlining and automating Quote-to-Cash helps companies increase revenue while reducing risk, boosting company-wide efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. We’re here to help you achieve this success.
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